These pages contain the User Help for applications which can connect to an OMERO server or use OMERO plugins.

The User Guides for the current versions are listed in the main menu, for all OMERO applications, including OMERO.insight, OMERO.web, OMERO.figure and OMERO in ImageJ and Fiji.

Guides for Previous Versions are available from the downloads archive.

The Training Course Material page contains links to material for adapting for use in training sessions including Omnigraffle® and Word® files.

The current release version of OMERO.insight is 5.3.4. You can tell what version of OMERO you are using by looking at the login screen, or selecting About OMERO.insight from the Help menu in OMERO.insight.

OMERO.insight Version screenshot

All material is covered by the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Unported License - you are free to share or adapt content as long as you credit the Open Microscopy Environment. The exception to this is the screenshots and videos which can only be used for non-commercial purposes.

New flag imageOMERO.iviewer - the Full Viewer in OMERO.web has been completely revamped as a WebApp using new technologies, allowing you to draw ROIs in OMERO.web, and much more. For further details see the Using OMERO.web page.

New flag imageROI Folders - provide a way of grouping ROIs on an image or across images for the purposes of organization, analysis or visualization.

New flag imageLookup Table Support - channel color selection now includes the option to select from commonly used lookup tables (LUTs) via the color picker.

New flag imageHistograms - pixel intensity for channels can now be displayed as a histogram in the rendering settings.

New flag imageOpen With... - provides a new option for opening selected images using OMERO.figure or other custom OMERO.web plugins.

New flag imageScreen Plate Grid View - the fields in a Well are displayed as a grid in the center pane when viewing screening data.