SLS OMERO Server - Nightshade

The School of Life Sciences in Dundee has an OMERO server called Nightshade for the use of all staff and students with a Life Sciences Computing login. OMERO is a system that allows you to store your image data centrally and then access it from on or off campus.

There are two OMERO clients, OMERO.insight, a Java-based desktop client, and OMERO.web, a browser based client. Either of these can be used to view and download data on-campus or remotely. OMERO.insight is used for uploading and analysing data.


Your SLS username and password are used to log into the OMERO server, and your OMERO account is automatically created the first time you log in. If you subsequently change your SLS password, OMERO will automatically reflect this update.

The SLS OMERO Getting Started page has full details of how to log in and use Nightshade.

Once your data is on the OMERO server, you can also use any of your ImageJ, Fiji, Matlab or Python workflows or scripts to view and analyse the data.


OMERO.figure enables you to draw fully editable figures for publications or presentations using data from the OMERO server in a very similar way to commonly used desktop illustration and drawing packages.


The OMERO User Help website has sections for all common OMERO workflows and for associated applications including OMERO.figure and ImageJ/Fiji.

Speak to Us

For help with any problems speak to any member of the OME Team, based in the CTIR Building Level 2, email , or speak to anyone in the Dundee Imaging Facility.